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2.1. The contents of this Website include:

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2.4. Website technology and design can be changed without prior notice.

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3.2. Any use of resources published on this Website shall be allowed on condition that the source is duly stated.


4.1. BHC shall endeavor to maintain the information on this Website truthful, accurate, and up-to-date. This does not exclude the possibility that objective inaccuracies or omissions may occur. BHC shall not be held responsible for the consequences, including the possible damages arising as a result of or connected in any way to accessing this Website, use or inability to use this Website. All information from the Website is presented in accordance with the acting Bulgarian legislation, without a guarantee from the BHC as to its inviolability or safety from malicious attacks by third parties.

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4.3. BHC shall not be held responsible for the subjective perceptions and interpretations as regards the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and usefulness of the information resources on this Website.

4.4. BHC has the right to be indemnified for all damages, expenses, and third party claims arising out of the violation of these general conditions and/or from the unauthorized use of the services on this Website.