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The application of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) is increasingly defective. In 2010, the citizens who asked Varna Mayor Kiril Yordanov to provide access to public information were investigated by the Varna Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. As part of a civic campaign, more than 20 citizens filed requests for access to information on forms with the same content. They asked the mayor to provide ‘the minutes from all public discussions held with regard to the preliminary draft master plan for the municipality of Varna, as well as the sound recordings of the discussion’. On December 1 2010, some of these citizens were summoned to the MIA Regional Directorate as witnesses in a pre-trial proceeding against an unknown perpetrator. They were denied information about the grounds on which the case was initiated. The citizens were asked who had developed the form for their requests, whether they had been aided in doing this, where the form had been produced and printed, and how it was disseminated.

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