Annual border monitoring report for 2020

The Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Modalities of Mutual Cooperation and Coordination to Support the Access of Persons Seeking Protection to the Territory of, and the Procedure for Granting Protection was signed on 14 April 2010 by UNHCR, BHC and GDBP within the MoI. The Memorandum sets out coordination and cooperation mechanisms for the monitoring and support of persons seeking access to the territory and to the asylum procedure in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Tripartite Working Group (TWG) comprised of representatives of UNHCR, BHC and GDBP has been established to supervise the implementation of the MoU and provide analysis of the border monitoring reports taking in consideration the State’s primary responsibility of ensuring that persons in need of international protection would have access to the territory and asylum procedure in line with assumed obligations under international refugee legislation. TWG meets at least three times per year.

The report is drafted following Article 4.2, Section IV of the TWG Internal Rules of Procedure.