Bulgarian Helsinki Committee joined an appeal to resolve the crisis in the OSCE

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee joined an appeal by members of the Civic Solidarity Platform. The statement appeals to participating states to exercise the utmost political responsibility to resolve the crisis in the OSCE.

In the past weeks, a shocking process has unfolded of delegitimizing the work of four top officials of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) by States participating in the organization and thus putting in question the value of the work of the institutions and bodies they have been leading. Details of choices they have made in their work have been blown up out of proportion in relation to the great volume and importance of the work realized. Much-needed reform activity started by Secretary-General Thomas Greminger has been thwarted by linking his re-appointment to the re-appointment of the three heads of institutions. This threatens further the continuity and quality of the OSCE’s activities. Participating States’ Ministries of foreign affairs should urgently invest energy and time in this situation at the highest level.

Please read for the full statement in the link.