BHC protests the republication of Volen Siderov’s anti-Semitic books

The parliament needs to issue a statement against the republished anti-Semitic works of MP Volen Siderov, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee wrote in an official letter to the chair of the national assembly, Tsetska Tsacheva.

At the end of 2010, two of Siderov’s books were republished – The Boomerang of Evil and The Rule of Mammon. The letter, signed by BHC’s chair Krassimir Kanev, points out that the works are epitomes of anti-Semitic propaganda, which is unacceptable in contemporary European societies.

The core argument of both publications is that the Jews are pilferers – “everywhere on the European continent, the Jews would get under the skin of rulers, enticing them to initiate wars and cataclysms, so that they would require additional resources” (2004: 58); universal colonisers – “to colonise other peoples has been the supreme aim of the global Jewish elite for centuries” (2002: 156); murders of orthodox Christian peoples – “the genocide against the Russians, the Bulgarians, and other orthodox peoples has been carried out under the direct supervision of the Talmudic western circles, led by the Rothschild family” (2004: 135); infidels and Devil’s accomplices – “from the rejection of God to the association with His enemy” (2002: 122).

Siderov refers to the holocaust as a “plot” and depicts it as a ruse, fabricated by the Americans, who are swayed by Jewish capital. According to BHC’s letter, “the republication of the extreme anti-Semitic and inciting books The Boomerang of Evil and The Rule of Mammon, written by an MP and chair of a parliamentary group, is an abomination, which should not be overlooked.” The letter also suggests that Tsacheva introduces a motion for a special declaration against Siderov’s publications.

You can see BHC’s letter to Tsetska Tsacheva here.

For more information, please contact Krassimir Kanev, chair of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, +359 886 605 904