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The EU extended the deadline for the temporary protection of refugees from Ukraine until March 4, 2024.

BHK calls on the caretaker government to immediately issue a decision announcing the extension of the deadline for temporary protection.

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Caretaker government lied about providing food to vulnerable Ukrainian refugees

We call on the caretaker government to take immediate steps to implement the commitments made on 23 November

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"Volunteers in support of Ukraine" welcome those passing by the Russian embassy with a billboard

From today until January 8, the special edition of the "Person of the Year" awards will be presented on a billboard.


Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights: urgent action needed to end pushback at Bulgarian border

Interior Minister: 'no evidence of illegal detention and ill-treatment'

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Press Release

BHC: We insist on the immediate resignation of the Chairperson of the Council for Electronic Media, Ms. Sonya Momchilova.

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee insists on the immediate resignation of Ms. Sonya Momchilova, a member of the Council for Electronic Media appointed by the presidential institution and currently serving as the chairperson.


"The Priceless Things" exhibition is being displayed for the seventh consecutive time at Lozenetz Hospital.

With the opening of the exhibition, a memorandum of cooperation was also announced and signed between the Demetra Association, the Multiprofile Active Treatment and Emergency Hospital "N. I. Pirogov" (MBAH "N. I. Pirogov"), the Military Medical Academy Ltd. (MMA), the University Multiprofile Active Treatment Hospital "St. Anna" - Sofia Ltd. (UMATH "St. Anna"), Lozenetz Hospital, UMAH "Alexandrovska" JSC, UMAH "Queen Joanna - ISUL" JSC, and the Main Directorate National Police (MDNP) for assistance and support to victims of domestic violence, as well as the official recognition of November 29th as the Day of Remembrance for Women and Children Killed as Victims of Violence.


Bulgaria is About to Extradite an Active Participant in Anti-Kremlin Protests

What is strange about the judgement of the Varna Regional Court is that the court trusts the Russian justice system