New Campaign by the BHC and Partners Aims to Build the First Hotline for Male Domestic Abusers

There is a large number of campaigns dedicated to the domestic violence issue in Bulgaria, but none of them are targeted directly at the abusers. Our goal is to change that.


Civic Solidarity Platform: Bulgarian Parliament Should Reject Draft NGO Law

Bulgarian Parliament Should Reject Draft NGO Law as Contradicting the State's OSCE Commitments, International Human Rights Obligations and the EU Norms


Bulgarian Helsinki Committee joined an appeal to resolve the crisis in the OSCE

In the past weeks, a shocking process has unfolded of delegitimizing the work of four top officials of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) by States participating in the organization and thus putting in question the value of the work of the institutions and bodies they have been leading.


Civic Solidarity Platform Statement: U.S. racism and police violence and the human dimension heritage of the OSCE

New Civic Solidarity Platform Statement signed by 37 CSP members, including the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, on U.S. racism and police violence and the human dimension heritage of the OSCE was issued on the 8th of June regarding the mass anti-racial protests in the USA. See full text bellow or at CSP's website.

Press Release

New report from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights: Stronger commitment needed to combat racism, fight gender stereotypes and increase media freedom in Bulgaria

The Commissioner considers that there is a need for a political and cultural shift in the way minority groups are treated and portrayed in Bulgaria, where hate speech, discrimination and hostility against Roma, LGBTI people and persons belonging to other minority groups remain an issue of acute concern. She calls on the authorities to react vigorously to incidents of hate speech, including by high-level politicians, enhance legal protection against discrimination and hate crimes, and effectively investigate and prosecute such crimes.


Civic Solidarity: Respect and recognition for the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

Respect and recognition for the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria: strong condemnation of the announcements for a possible deregistration of a human rights organization