The exhibition „Invaluable objects" presents a series of still life portraits of Bulgarian women, murdered by their partners

The exhibition „Вещи безценност“ (Invaluable objects) is part of a project of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee - in partnership with Alliance for Protection against Gender-Based Violence - against gender-based violence and it will open at the beginning of October. It presents a series of still life portraits of Bulgarian women, murdered by their partners, through intimate photographs of their personal belongings.


Appeal for ensuring a physically present school year in Bulgaria

Four Bulgarian NGO’s incl. the BHC, working in the field of human rights, children rights and the rights of people with disabilities sent an open letter to the authorities according to children rights in COVID-19 situation. They demand urgent measures to protect the interests of children in the context of epidemics.


Violations of rights instead of legitimate restrictions to control the epidemic marked 2020

This week the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee presented its annual report on human rights


Uncovering anti‑Roma discrimination in criminal justice systems in Europe

New research carried out by criminal justice NGO Fair Trials, in partnership with APADOR-CH, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and Rights International Spain shows the prevalence of discriminatory views against Roma in criminal justice systems of Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Spain.


New Campaign by the BHC and Partners Aims to Build the First Hotline for Male Domestic Abusers

There is a large number of campaigns dedicated to the domestic violence issue in Bulgaria, but none of them are targeted directly at the abusers. Our goal is to change that.


Civic Solidarity Platform: Bulgarian Parliament Should Reject Draft NGO Law

Bulgarian Parliament Should Reject Draft NGO Law as Contradicting the State's OSCE Commitments, International Human Rights Obligations and the EU Norms