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European Court of Human Rights confirms requirement for legal gender recognition in Bulgaria despite rejected complaint


The BHC secured a second court decision confirming that a former Bulgarian deputy prime minister engaged in racist harassment


The European Commission to the BHC: we are closely following the case of Judge Tsarigradska


Changes in the leadership of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee


BHC addressed four intergovernmental organizations regarding the situation of the judiciary in Bulgaria


The attacks in the SJC against exposing influence peddling and civil society are a disgrace


What we do

We document human rights violations

We monitor the human rights situation in Bulgaria since 1992. We provide Bulgarian and international institutions with expert reports and statements, informing legislators, state administration, as well as the broader society.

We provide free legal aid

We do strategic litigation in selected cases of violations of basic human rights in Bulgaria. We prioritise aiding vulnerable communities for whose members it is unlikely to have access to justice.

We do advocacy

We organise campaigns to inform broader Bulgarian and international society on the human rights situation in Bulgaria and we mobilise civil society for causes in defense of human rights.


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