Save the Butterfly Children

Save the Butterfly Children

They suffer from a disease which makes their skin fragile, as fragile as the wings of a butterfly.Normal activities such as walking, eating and dressing cause blisters and sores such as from severe burns. Somtimes the lack of skin on their bodies exceeds 50%.

The pain can be reduced only if the patients use special, non-adhesive bandages. The anbibiotic creams, which protect against infections, are of lifesaving importance. But then the monthly sum for treatmeant exceeds 2000 leva. The only hope for the butterfly children is that the government subsidizes these costs.Yet the state continues to subbornly and discriminatively ignore the suffering of this group of people.

Sign the letter to stop this injustice now. Your letters go directly to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Healthcare and the Minister of Finance.

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