Obektiv 191, August 2011

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Table of contents: 

Roma Children at Risk and an “Unhitched” Government System
Slavka Kukova

Police Brutality: Between Collegial Solidarity and Public Interest   

Counting the Macedonians in Bulgaria
Stoyko Stoykov

The Bulgarian Model of Media Regulation
Svetlana Bozhilova

The Bulgarian Downtown and the Roma Neighborhood – Two Different Worlds in One Yambol
Hristo Hristov

The Case Rusi Stanev v. Bulgaria – The Road to Ruse Passes through Strasbourg
Aneta Genova

The State Has an Ombudsman against Torture. Yet Supervision Alone Is Not Enough – You Need Money, Too
Dimitrina Cherneva

Will Vote Buying Stop in Kyustendil If Polling Stations Are Moved Out of the Roma Neighborhood?  
Hristo Hristov

The Invisible Ghetto – Varna’s Maksuda Neighborhood
Spas Tzvetkov

Who’s Afraid of the New Norms against Hate Speech?
Emil Cohen

Crisis Centers for Children – A New Social Service or New Social Restrictions?
Stanimir Petrov

The Stoplights in Pazardzhik Turned Green
Desislava Petrova

The Worm Effect
Yana Buhrer Tavanier 

Do We Have a Quota on Humaneness?
Iliana Savova

Secrets and Vagueness in the Ministries
Alexander Kashumov