The Stoplights in Pazardzhik Turned Green

| Desislava Petrova,

I’m tired of reading articles and commentaries, appeals, decisions and viewpoints. I’m wondering who in the world has anything to gain from such a brouhaha in Pazardzhik and from attempts to ban expressions of sexual orientation there of all places. Back in November of 2010, the Administrative Court of Pazardzhik repealed the text of Art. 14 of the municipal act for public order. With its decision at the beginning of this month, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) confirmed that the text banning the public demonstration of sexual orientation was adopted by not following “rules for administrative production.” SAC is also expected to get involved in the Municipal Council of Pazardzhik’s appeal against the decision by the Committee for Defense against Discrimination, in which commissars found the presence of such a text to be direct discrimination and ordered the council to change it. The national ombudsman has also been involved in this exchange of documents, with the viewpoint that “everyone has the right to a personal life, to free expression and the right to freely gather and associate.”

What a friggin’ article! Only the president has refrained from joining in this melodrama. And despite the fact that those fat folders of documents related to the case seem to be almost closed, a certain desire on the part of certain individuals to prolong this saga can be seen. They want their homophobia to triumph. They even want a referendum. They want… who knows what they want… maybe they simply want to win more votes. As stubborn as the cockroaches that swarm panel-block apartments, they don’t give up and don’t recognize the courts, or committees, or any scrap of law that recognizes the rights of LGBT people to exist and express themselves. For them, LGBTs are sick people, maybe they would send them off for labor-reeducation, hormone therapy or maybe if the budget was in better shape they would create a well-guarded gay ghetto in the city.

Dear comrades from the Pazardzhik Municipal Council,
With all of my disrespect for you and your illegal, inexplicably pointless actions that are most likely dictated by self-interest, I will give you a free piece of advice, because I believe that the residents of Pazardzhik deserve it: being constructive and positive is now in style, people are sick of hatred, they want to smile. If you’re aiming at a warm spot in an office after the next local elections as well, then find yourself a more constructive campaign – for example, plant a tree, visit a home for the elderly or for children, feed pensioners hotdogs and hamburgers, you might even consider filling a pothole or two. And don’t forget that you need to be patrons of all the events in town. Oh yes, and instead of writing appeals on hopelessly lost cases, sit down and draw up a plan for improving the city. Smile. It’s easier and brings longevity. Don’t be so wrinkled and serious. Work for the good of your townspeople and stop sowing the seeds of hatred. Your arguments, besides being illegal, are also pretty worn-out.

Your regular visitor,
a homosexual woman

April 25, 2011
Desislava Petrova