BHC: Farewell to the Supreme Judicial Council


Human rights advocates join the Union of Judges in its demands for dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) and radical revision of its format.

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee backs the Bulgarian judges who demanded that all current members of VSS resign and the norms regulating its constitution and operation are amended. We unreservedly support the magistrates’ renunciation of this malfunctioning organ, which can only cause ulcers in the fabric of the judiciary and society.

This is a turning point. VSS has completely lost its integrity. The only thing it is capable of is to continue ruining our justice system if it is left to do so. The rule of law in this country is at stake.

It is the Union of Judges that managed to consolidate this immanent force in the judiciary, which is capable of guaranteeing the estate’s independence and thereby secure the legitimacy of the state and its citizens’ rights. The union’s proposals for normative changes ought to be reviewed. The current organisation of VSS has failed. The Union of Judges has officially divested its trust and the council has irrevocably lost grounds.

Margarita Ilieva, Deputy Chair of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

You can join our online campaign for VSS dissolution here.