Fair trial defenders meet in Sofia to discuss threats to justice in Europe at the time of the Bulgarian EU Presidency

Over 80 members of the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) – the European network of criminal defence lawyers, academics, and NGO activists fighting to uphold the right to a fair trial in their national jurisdictions – coming from 26 countries of the EU will descend on Sofia to discuss a host of critical challenges in the fight to ensure that fundamental human rights are respected in European criminal justice systems and to plan how to overcome them.

Research Project: Protection of Fundamental Rights and Access to Legal Aid for Remand Prisoners in the EU

In September 2017, the CNRS (Laboratories SAGE (Strasbourg) and CESDIP (Saint Quentin en Yvelines)) and the European Prison Litigation Network launched together with partner universities and NGOs from nine European countries a research project on the protection of fundamental rights and access to legal aid for remand prisoners in the European Union. This project is funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme for eighteen months.